Premium Records LLC, originally & Premium Productions, came into existence October 24, 2016, by founder Tyren Gatlin - better known as his stage name, Créamo$up, the coolest of the cool. After studying artists and business men such as HOV and colleagues, $upah immediately got to work, researching commerce moves and music management to create the label we now love today.


The Premium family is working hard to push the Label and its prospects worldwide by promoting good vibrations, love, & light specific to our vision. Under musical enlightenment and a few illegal substances, Premium Records has created new sub-genres of hip hop to fit the make up of our artists' music styles: astro trap, groovy funkadelic ,& funkadelic trap tunes

Premium is best compared to rap groups such as Pro Era, Odd Future, or The Wu Tang Clan because of its diverse roster and concepts - except the sound is completely one of its own.  The south Louisiana based label has substantial charisma to build, push the brand worldwide, and stay independent. Spreading the importance of entrepreneurship, physical/mental health, and the vitality of perspective, these artists consider themselves more than just rappers. We're visionaries.


This is Premium.